CNN bursts out laughing at Trump’s inconsistent SCOTUS remarks

CNN interrupted Trump’s remarks after the Supreme Court arguments and laughed at the former president for his incoherent chatter.

Trump said nothing about the Colorado case and instead slurred:

— I think this is more election meddling by the Democrats. The good news is that we lead in virtually every poll. We’re leading the — I don’t even know if we have it anymore, I’m not sure if we have the Republican candidates, anyone running. But without any impact. So, as you know, we won Iowa, we won New Hampshire in terms of records, each one a record. I think we’ll do very well, I’m going to Nevada for the caucuses.

And I think we’ll do very well there, all the polls say we’re in the 90s. Maybe more than the 90s. They certainly did well in primaries where it didn’t matter where they voted very well. And we have enormous support from the people of our country. They hate what’s happening at the border. They hate what is happening in general, we are not respected…

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CNN cut Trump off after about 90 seconds and Jale Tapper laughingly said, “ All right. I think we got it all legal analysis that we will draw from PTrump resident. “


Trump said nothing about the voting disqualification case, but he seemed intent on trying to use what little national television coverage he had to cram his entire campaign speech into a few minutes before the networks realized what was happening and they interrupted it.

What made the situation even more bizarre was that Trump appeared to be reading his campaign speech on a teleprompter in a low, monotone voice, as if he had just woken up from a nap or was about to take a nap.

Trump’s attempts to manipulate and deceive the media are derided.

The former president looks, sounds and acts like a person in severe cognitive decline, who should not be considered by the presidency.

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