Brickbat: Lumber!

A fallen tree breaks through a wooden fence.  |  Mrivserg |

For three years, the Bond family asked the city of Portland, Oregon, for permission to remove two Douglas fir trees they deemed unsafe. But the city’s urban forestry division denied them a removal permit. “The removal will significantly affect the character of the neighborhood, based on the characteristics of the tree, the visibility of the tree to the public, or past tree removals in the area,” the agency said in a letter to the family. But during a recent storm, one of those trees fell on their home, forcing them outside. A city arborist informed the family that they will have to apply for a permit to remove the remains of the tree and that they will also have to pay to plant a tree to replace it. The Bonds were also advised to go ahead and remove the second tree from their property and apply for a retroactive permit, but if that permit is denied, they could be fined for removing the tree.

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