BREAKING: ‘Eight to Ten’ People Killed After Gunfire Erupts Near Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Victory Rally (VIDEO) | The Gateway Expert

At least ten people were killed after gunfire erupted near the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl Victory Rally.

In a post on X, the Kansas City Police Department wrote: “Shots were fired around Union Station. Please leave the area.”

“Officers are working to clear Union Station itself. We will release everyone inside the building once this is complete. We are still trying to determine the number of victims of the shooting,” the department continued.

“Officials report that 8 to 10 people were killed at the Super Bowl rally,” the Citizen Free Press reports.

Two people were arrested for questioning.

“Shots were fired west of Union Station, near the garage, and several people were struck. We have taken two armed individuals into custody for further investigation,” the department said in a subsequent post.

“As the demonstration ended there was gunfire west of Union Station near the parking garage and several people were hit,” said Capt. Jake Becchina, a spokesman for the Kansas City Police Department, according to a News report Observer.

“We need people to exit the area as quickly and safely as possible and avoid the parking lot to facilitate processing of the shooting victims,” Becchina continued.

The report added: “It was unclear how many victims had been shot, but scanner traffic indicated that up to nine people may have been killed.”

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