Biden Trashes Trump to Florida Donors, Says: ‘I Think We Can Win Florida’ | The Gateway Expert

Joe Biden traveled to Palm Beach, Florida, on Tuesday to meet with high-value Democratic donors.

Biden, 81, used the shorter ladder as he left Joint Base Andrews en route to Florida.


Biden went to Florida for a couple of fundraisers. Naturally, he arrived without fanfare. No Biden supporters lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the most popular president in US history.

Joe Biden told Jupiter donors: “I think we can win Florida.”

Biden also criticized Trump to Florida donors and told them to think back to the “chaos” Trump left the US in – this of course after Democrats forcibly shut down the country under the guise of Covid.

“You are the reason Donald Trump is a defeated president,” Biden told donors at a fundraiser in Florida. “And you’re the reason we’re going to make him a loser again.”

President Trump won Florida in 2020 against Joe Biden with 5,668,731 votes at 51.2% to Biden’s 5,297,054 votes at 47.9%.

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