Biden regime transfers J6 political prisoner Jake Lang to central detention with car thieves, rapists, etc. – This comes after challenging the Justice Department’s tyrannical policies in court – AUDIO FROM JAKE | The Gateway Expert

J6 political prisoner Jake Lang was arrested on January 16, 2021 and remains jailed without bail or trial for THREE YEARS from today.

On January 6, 2021 Jake attended the protest and rally in Washington DC because he believed the election was stolen from Donald Trump. Jake was one in a million Trump supporters who showed up to hear President Trump speak at the Ellipse in Washington DC that day.

Later that day, Jake went to the US Capitol, where he was gassed and trampled when Capitol Police pushed Trump supporters down the stairs. Jake was almost killed.

It’s now been more than three years since Jake Lang was arrested and thrown into prison.

Jake Lang wrote down his finances tonight after the move: “Honey, they just picked me up and moved me to the BAD part of DC JAIL. I’m in South Unit 1, the ‘hole’ of the Central Detention Center.

I was in the Central Processing Center with the other J6ers. Now I’m in a separate building!!

24/7 isolation, hands cuffed to shower or go out for recess every other day, only 2 hours. No in-person visits, no bowls or utensils to eat from. Bar soap is not allowed. Limited commissioner items!! And the worst part is that they took my discovery laptop and my hard drives that I used to set up exhibits for my trial!!!

Now I’m with other real DC Jail inmates (car thieves, thugs, gang members, etc…) Probably in retaliation for the new bail motion we just filed and the change in jury pool bias data of the venue we got… They’re trying to silence me about it!!!

But God is still good and we will make it through His grace. I love you, please ask everyone to call the US Marshalls and see what is going on!! My cell is like a prison!!

EVERYONE – please call and file a complaint about the obvious RETALIATION and cruel and unusual punishment they are doing to Jake and the J6ers!!

(Edward Jacob Lang #376444)

American Marshalls: 703-740-8132 / 703-740-8400

Vick, assistant warden at the DC prison: 202-790-6592

DC Prison Command Center: 202-790-6601

Washington Prison Warden, Mrs G Powell: 202-523-6598

Despite the crazy miscarriage of justice Jake has suffered, he still finds purpose in this fight.

Jake Lang called The Gateway Pundit earlier this year. After more than three years of injustice and government prosecution, Jake told us, “The Bible tells us, ‘Eyes have not seen, nor ears have heard, what God has planned for those who love Him.’ . I wear those scriptures like a shield, knowing that God is more than capable of bringing January 6th into an open space when his time comes. America now has a better sense of how vulnerable and precious Freedom truly is, and new sentinels have been forged through the fires of persecution to ensure that the next generation will never have to suffer at the hands of these grave tyrannical injustices.”

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft spoke with Jake Lang on Tuesday after he was transferred.

** Please contact the officials listed above and politely tell them to act humanely and stop torturing Jake Lang.

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