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Joe Biden met with a shadowy Chinese businessman who was making deals with Hunter Biden at the time, according to information released by the House Oversight Committee.

“Today we learned that Joe Biden met with the late CEFC Chairman, Ye Jianming, while Hunter Biden and his associates received $3 million from a Chinese entity controlled by CEFC,” said committee chair Rep. James Comer of Kentucky, according to a press release from the House Oversight Committee.

“The evidence continues to reveal that the Bidens sold the ‘Biden brand’ to enrich the Biden family,” he said.

The New York Post noted that the 2017 meeting was described by Biden family associate Rob Walker in an FBI interview.

Joe Biden “greeted everyone” and then “literally sat down. I don’t even think he drank any water. I think Hunter said, um… “I could try to start a company”, ah, or he tried to do something with these guys and you could… and [I] I think he would say ‘if I’m around’ … and he would introduce himself,” Walker said.

The FBI interview, however, did not reveal Ye’s presence, the Post reported.

In the statement, Comer said Friday’s interview with Walker “confirmed that Hunter Biden and his associates’ work with the Chinese government-linked energy company began more than a year before Joe Biden left the vice presidency, but the Bidens and their associates avoided being paid by the Chinese while Joe Biden was in office.”

Comer noted the timing of the activity for which the Bidens were paid.

“The Chinese company paid Hunter Biden and his associates $3 million shortly after Joe Biden left office as a ‘thank you’ for work done while Joe Biden was in office,” he said.

“Members of the Biden family received payments from the China deal even though they did not work there. This is the kind of swamp flu that the American people want us to end,” she said.

According to Fox News, in an FBI form outlining a 2021 interview between Walker and investigators working for Special Prosecutor David Weiss, Walker said “the $3 million amount was more of a ‘thank you.’ by the CEFC”.

Comer noted in the House panel’s release that Walker was involved in projects with the Bidens that took place during President Joe Biden’s time as vice president in the Obama administration.

“Additionally, as Joe Biden led anti-corruption efforts in Romania, Hunter Biden and Rob Walker began an unclear business relationship with Romanian businessman Gabriel Popoviciu,” Comer said in the House committee statement .

“Mr. Walker also confirmed that he and Hunter Biden received payments from Popoviciu beginning in 2015 and continuing throughout the remainder of Joe Biden’s vice presidency,” it said.

Walker was summoned by Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, chairman of the Comer and House Judiciary Committee, to see whether Joe Biden “has taken any official action or made any change in government policy because of money or other things of value provided to himself or his family, including whether concerns that Chinese sources may release additional evidence about their business dealings with the Biden family have impacted official acts taken by President Biden or U.S. foreign policy ” and other concerns, according to Fox News.

According to Axios, an opening statement from Walker supported the president’s version of events that he would keep his distance from Hunter Biden’s business venture.

“To be clear, President Biden – while in office or as a private citizen – was never involved in any of the business activities we conducted,” the statement said. “Any statement to the contrary is simply false.”

This article originally appeared in The Western Journal.

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