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BEIJING – ATA Creativity Global (NASDAQ:AACG), an international provider of education services, announced its return to compliance with Nasdaq’s minimum bid price requirement. The Nasdaq Listing Qualifications Staff issued a letter to the company on February 7, 2024, confirming that ATA Creativity Global has maintained a closing bid price of $1.00 or higher per share for its American depositary shares for the last 10 consecutive business days , starting January 17th. , 2024, to February 6, 2024.

This achievement ensures the company’s listing on the Nasdaq Stock Market under Listing Rule 5450(a)(1), effectively addressing previous concerns regarding its compliance status. The matter is now considered closed following this development.

ATA Creativity Global specializes in educational services focused on enhancing and cultivating creativity among students. The company’s offerings include portfolio training, research-based learning services, and study abroad consultancy, delivered through a network of training centers.

Investors and interested parties were reminded that forward-looking statements in the press release, which are not historical facts, involve risks and uncertainties. These statements reflect the Company’s current expectations and are subject to change.

This news represents a positive update for the company, which operates in the competitive international education services sector. Maintaining compliance with Nasdaq listing rules is critical for any publicly traded company, ensuring continued access to capital markets and investor confidence.

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