Add the refreshingly bold Fabuloso Cologne to your collection for just $48

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Many of us are familiar with the smell of household cleaners from childhood or from our domestic dealings, but obviously such chemicals are not meant to be smelled in prolonged doses. Now there’s a fun play on one of these products that not only encourages puffs, but allows you to actually wear it like cologne.

Featured in MSCHF’s “Eau de Industrie” line, Smells Like Fabuloso Colonia follows WD-40 Colonia as the next refreshing and bold addition to your fragrance collection. Its classic lavender scent stands out from the same old smells and can freshen up any outfit or room.

Packaged in an elegant purple bottle, its design includes a pair of cleaning gloves, which is a nod to the origin story of this perfume. Containing one fluid ounce of fragrance, this package features a rotating nozzle for easy application.

This product has a rating of five out of five on Fragrantica and is among the latest creations from the innovative artistic presence MSCHF. Clean, refreshing scent no longer needs to live in the kitchen or bathroom, unleashed in the form of a perfume bottle ready to make a statement.

Leave your mom and dad’s fragrances in the past and explore new possibilities that draw on other aspects of everyday life to create bold, captivating smells. Available at an affordable price and served in stunning purple and yellow packaging, Smells Like Fabuloso Cologne is ready to impress.

Take this refreshing scent anywhere or give it as a gift (great for housewarming parties) by purchasing Smells Like Fabuloso Cologne for just $48 with no coupon required.

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