A single vote can cost Republicans the House as they impeach mayors

A single vote in the House may have sealed the fate of the Republican majority, which would not support democracy but instead impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas.

Video of the final vote:

The single video clip above distills the House Republican majority’s refusal to govern and instead focuses on political stunts that play well with their voters.

Experts across the political spectrum agree that Secretary Mayorkas has not committed any impeachable offense and that policy differences do not constitute grounds for impeachment, but that hasn’t stopped House Republicans from sending a message to the American people.

However, that message was not what they intended.

Republicans are sending the message to voters in their districts that they cannot govern.

Mayorkas’ vote could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back that pushes some of the eighteen Republicans currently holding seats in districts won by President Biden in 2020 to defeat in November.

Congratulations, House Republicans, you just impeached the Secretary of Homeland Security and likely cost your party the House majority.

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