A series of cyberattacks have hit Ukrainian critical infrastructure organizations

Several Ukrainians critical infrastructures entities including the country’s largest state oil and gas company, Naftogaz, have been hit by cyber attacks this week.

Naftogaz reported that malicious actors attacked its data center and that its specialists are trying to fix the problem. Ukraine’s cybersecurity agency is also reportedly investigating the matter, although it did not provide details on the matter cyber attack.

The CEO of Ukrposhta, Ukraine’s national postal services provider, said its postal operational services were disrupted after attackers targeted its partners’ network infrastructure.

DSBT, a transportation security agency in Ukraine, also reported a cyber attack that disrupted the functioning of its website and cargo delivery system.

Finally, Ukrzaliznytsia, Ukraine’s state railways, suffered attacks that disrupted its services and suspended online ticket sales for its multi-unit electric train to private individuals in Kiev.

THE the person or group behind the attacks is unknown, and it is unclear whether the cyberattacks are linked. However, a Russian group known as the National Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčArmy claimed responsibility for the attack on the DSBT system.

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