5 Brands That Thrown Monster Marketing Parties at the Super Bowl

Brands looking to make a splash at Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas have turned the weekend into three extraordinary days of partying and pure chaos.

The marketing began the moment travelers stepped off the plane at Harry Reid International Airport, when they were greeted by the Super Bowl LVIII host committee who handed out pins, stickers, soccer balls and loud cheers as guests arrived at baggage claim.

Entrepreneur attended Taco Bell’s Live Más Live event to see what brands were doing for Super Bowl festivities. While it was clear from the start that it would be a weekend of over-the-top branding ploys, the grand displays could have changed the Super Bowl experience forever.

It was estimated that over 500,000 visitors came to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl, and brands were eager to get their merchandise into the hands of fans sharing on social media.

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“These types of events are much bigger than concerts or shows,” said Joe Silberzweig, co-CEO of production company Medium Rare, which staged four-star-studded events over the weekend. “They’re really media properties that attract all kinds of different people, celebrities, athletes, and we use them as business development opportunities to attract and meet our new partners and all of our brands.”

And sometimes, companies end up spending almost as much as a Super Bowl commercial to put on these mega marketing events.

“Events vary in audience and size of implementation, but in general they can range from $2 million to $5 million to put on,” says Adam Richman, co-founder of Medium Rare. Entrepreneur.

Here are five brands that gave it their all.


Uber had a strong presence on the Strip, and not just among people who used the ride-sharing service to get around. In addition to celebrity-filled Super Bowl commercials, Uber has created a “Get Almost Almost Anything” experience: a mock grocery store with several rooms showcasing what you can get on Uber Eats, from food and drinks to face masks frozen face and flowers.

Guests enter the “Get Almost Anything with Uber Eats” market at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center (Uber)

“Experiential activations are a powerful vehicle for driving brand campaign narratives into the hearts and minds of consumers. Bringing our Super Bowl ad to life IRL was the best way to let our customers touch and feel what we mean when we say ‘Get Almost Almost Anything,'” said Molly Spychalski, global marketing manager of brand partnerships at Uber Entrepreneur. “During this activation, it was critically important to us to not only tell consumers they can ‘get almost anything on Uber Eats,’ but also show them.”

The brand also hosted a party for select Uber One members, which included a performance by Post Malone (who opened the Super Bowl with a performance of “America the Beautiful”) and food from Uber Eats’ best in the area .

Gronk Beach

This year’s Gronk Beach was a bit of a weather challenge, as the unusually cold temperatures in Las Vegas prevented even Gronk himself from taking off his shirt.

But that didn’t stop the hoodie-clad former NFL tight end from partying poolside.

Gronk Beach played to its audience — the party-loving frat types and their counterparts — by collaborating with brands that would speak to them, namely Pit Viper, a sunglasses brand known for their distinctive shield shape , and Safety Shot, a new drink that claims to reduce alcohol in the blood after consumption.

Rob Gronkowski turns on the Gronk Beach crowd at Encore Beach Club (Medium Rare)

The music was loud, the crowd was enthusiastic, and if Gronk Beach’s sponsors and guests did one thing right, it was reading the room together.

Shaq’s Funhouse

DJing your own party is a bold move, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Shaq.

And a little rain in the desert couldn’t stop would-be revelers from hearing Shaq (aka DJ Diesel) perform at a carnival-themed fun house with pop-up games, merchandise tents and, of course, a dance floor .

Shaq aka DJ Diesel warms up the crowd at Shaq’s Fun House at XS Nightclub (Medium Rare)

During the event, Flo Rida was seen enjoying Celsius energy drinks, which were placed in buckets around the venue, free for guests. She also asked us to get one for her, perhaps thinking we were staff members.

Guy Fieri’s Flavortown BBQ

Guy Fieri is his own brand, and his pre-Super Bowl Sunday tailgate certainly had no shortage of name-brand signage and merchandise. From the Fieri-branded cigars to the presentation of his food in the VIP section, there was no doubt whose event it was: there were even Fieri quotes hanging around the venue.

And perhaps that was the strongest play: People came to the party because they love Guy Fieri and what he represents: high-energy inclusivity while rooting for the underdogs with unassuming demeanor.

Guy Fieri and Gordon Ramsay have a moment on stage at Guy’s Flavortown Tailgate (Medium Rare)

“If you want to interact with Guy Fieri and try his food, he’s curated over 30 restaurants, he’ll be there on stage for hours, he’ll come to Flavortown,” Silberzweig said of the event, noting it was double the size of last year. “Whether you’re meeting a celebrity or not, you’re entering their world and their mind in a really fun way.”

Fieri personally thanked attendees on the red carpet for spending game day with him and offered to bring food and drinks for everyone working the event – genuine and connected to the brand.

h.wood Homecoming

On Saturday, h.wood Group and Uncommon Entertainment hosted the second night of the third annual h.wood Homecoming party in partnership with online retailer Revolve, which featured a performance by Jack Harlow and a Taco Bell lounge where guests could gather whenever they wanted it. I need a break from the music and madness inside the main tent.

The timing of the party was earlier than most (it started at 9pm and ended promptly at 1am), and while whiskey might not be your typical nightclub drink of choice, Crown Royal has stole the show with free goodies in the form of long sleeved T-shirts – brilliant for a crowd shivering in party clothes in sub-40 degree temperatures without coats.

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