493 companies share their SaaS security battles – get insights in this webinar

January 29, 2024News about hackersSaaS Security/Webinars

In today’s digital world, security risks are more prevalent than ever, especially when it comes to SaaS (Software as a Service) applications. Did you know that an alarming 97% of businesses face serious risks from unsecured SaaS applications?

Additionally, approximately 20% of these organizations are dealing with insider threats to their data. These statistics aren’t just numbers; they are a wake-up call.

We are excited to invite you to a must-see webinar,”Dos and Don’ts for Critical SaaS Security: Insights from 493 Companies,” with Ran Senderovitz, the chief operating officer of Wing Security. Ran won’t just talk about the problems; He’ll dive deep into the realities of SaaS security, supported by in-depth research and data analysis of nearly 500 companies using SaaS.

Here’s what this webinar offers:

    Insights into data, SaaS applications, users and AI: Explore a comprehensive analysis of SaaS security statistics discovered by Wing’s data and threat intelligence teams.

    Practical tips for greater SaaS security: Get practical tips that can be implemented immediately to strengthen your organization’s security posture, ensuring a proactive defense against emerging SaaS-related threats.

    SaaS Threat Predictions 2024: Stay ahead of SaaS threats by listening to expected challenges in the SaaS landscape, expected in the year ahead, and solutions to mitigate these challenges.

Why should you participate?

This webinar is tailor-made for those in the security and IT industries. It’s more than just a discussion; it’s an opportunity to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to strengthen your organization against SaaS-related threats. With Wing’s comprehensive research and practical advice, you’ll gain valuable insights and actionable steps for a more secure SaaS environment.

Gain the knowledge and tools you need to stay ahead of the curve in the evolving world of SaaS security. Register now to turn these challenges into opportunities to strengthen your organization’s security posture.

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